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Welcome to DCE Designs web presence!
This site presents many older designs as representations of the kind of work we do, along with new designs and concepts we are working on day to day.

Pretty much all of the older work is sold out, but I have left them up so you can get an idea of the quality of our work. Of course most of these can be made to order, so if you see an item you want let me know what it is via it's code and we can work it out.

Current production continues to use 925 Sterling Silver, jewelers brass alloy, pure silver & 22kt gold plating to 3 to 5 microns thickness, and other treatments on request. This makes us able to produce works that vary in cost while enabling customers to order what they want in the price point they need.

These days I am working on many desgins for fans of NFL football, MLB baseball and Martail Arts systems; these are in the form of cuff bracelets and "dog tag" style pendants, as well as other designs coming up.

At the moment I am updating many pieces and should be wrapped up in a couple days; all links to new work should be fine then.

Click heree to see the "Power of One"© amulet/talisman bracelets. Tibetan Sanskrit script mantra combining hand carved bone & ebony wood Yin/Yang symbol with your astrological sign from the Zodiac. Feel the power of combining ancient symbols of spiritual and physical integration on a purely personal level.

For those folks coming here from my eBay sales please let me know who I can help you. Please use this Contact Link and I'll get back to you ASAP!

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