A little story about how the "Power Of One" bracelet came to be.

About 30 years ago I was in the Tibetan frontier area that borders Nepal soaking in the very real nature of day to day living mixed with the joy of the people's spiritual beliefs. This mixing powered hope, happiness and peace while they lived in a state, we in the west, would best describe as poverty. Among the tools they used to get to this way of balanced living was a "mantra"; vocal sounds combined with visualization and meditative focus intended to make positive change in a person. This mantra is "Om Mani Padme Hum". One of many literal meanings is: "Hail the Jewel in the Lotus". Put simply: "All praise to this light inside of me, that God has given, and that lives in the most highest place of my being."

On the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, one can find these words carved everywhere. Throughout many places on earth people go about their daily business reciting this mantra under their breath. I have backpacked in the Himalayas meeting monks and villagers on tiny trails, but before I saw them, I heard them, reciting this mantra in deep tones reverberating off the deep canyons. The pure joy and spiritual power in them as they passed me with these huge grins on their faces was something to behold. These folks make bracelets, banners, buildings and other things with this mantra carved, inlayed or onlayed on or in them. I bought a bracelet. It has been with me since then, I feel it, and when I look at it I remember what I am supposed to be doing: feeling good about life, doing the "right" thing and much more. My focus changes with the needs of the moment, of, "where I am at".

Last February I left my home on Bali to participate in a large trade show in Tucson , and of course I took it with me for all the good I get from it. When I went back to Bali somehow it was misplaced in clothing I had packed away in storage. I asked my friend to look for it, but alas it wasn't found. After a month I could feel it's loss, it's comforting aura, I needed to replace it till I could get back to the States and find my original one.

My trade now is as a jewelry designer primarily, so I decided I would make one for myself. Since I was designing this from the ground up I took time to search out the images of the stone carvings on the Tibetan Plateau to make this as authentic as I could, to get the most out of it. I found what looks to be images of some of the oldest carvings and replicated them in drawings for this new piece. This is the Tibetan Sanskrit calligraphy I used for it.

While I was designing, I thought, why not personalize it even more. So I added the ancient astrological symbol that is mine to it. To harmonize the mantra and it's energy with my astrological chart. This lead me to think about my life and the many things I have experienced, and at times, the many opposite directions I have taken. Yet there was always this striving to understand, you just can't have one thing, without the other, inevitably. This way of looking at opposites and the eternal union of them in all things added the ancient Yin Yang symbol, my Talisman was complete.

All pieces of this puzzle come together, symbols of life and learning to live, coexist as One, "The Power of Oneness". I felt it's power the moment I slipped it on my wrist. The more I wear it the more I feel it's authority grow, really amazing! Some people believe in Talisman/Amulets: Something that is worn or carried on the person giving good luck, protective auras or providing calming influence. I am one of those people, personally speaking.

Besides this, or because of all this, it is simply a beautiful piece of jewelry suitable for everyday wear.

I wanted to make something substantial, it is 2.2cm or .85 inch wide, nearly one inch wide. The men's version has approximately 47gms, the smaller in width, women's size, 41gms of pure silver combined with tarnish resistant Italian alloy to make it .925 pure sterling silver. The script is jewelers brass, the twisted wire inside the bracelet frame uses one wire of silver and one of brass so when it has been worn for a time there is clear definition between the two. This gives highlight and contrast to the framing of the "message'. The Yin Yang symbol is hand carved from bone and old Awarng wood from the jungles of Bali; it is similar to Ebony. This is a handmade work with few machines involved, it is a masterpiece of its own kind, simply as a piece of artisan jewelry making.

When I wore it, friends and strangers noticed it, some asked me to make one for them, with their own star sign. So I decided I would offer it to folks outside of my surroundings. These can be ordered without the Astrology sign if you wish.

Let the circle, never be broken. DCE