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Since we are still in the middle of installing new and older work on the site, we have decided to wait to integrate our own shopping cart. When installation of our inventory is completed, we will then integrate our own cart. When it is done you will be able to select the pieces you want and pay for them directly with your credit card via real time secure encrypted data processing using our certified secure server. However, for now this service is not available.

For now we are using our PayPal® account with their shopping cart. This is almost the same as our own system and you can be sure we are verified and have been doing business quite some time. You can make payment directly to us via their secure system. With PayPal® you can be sure of our commitment to serve your payment needs using our "Verified Business Account". If you are an eBay user and familiar with them you can check out our "Feedback", <here>. We will ship your selection within 3days of your payment if your item is in stock. If not in stock you will already know since we will have communicated.

While shopping our site, clicking on a "Buy Now" button will open another window at PayPal, just keep it open in the background as you shop and just use their "update" button to see any additions you have made. Or you can delete items, etc.. it's easy to do.

It is not necessary to have a PayPal® account. You can simply go through your shopping and at the end you will be directed to PayPal where you may purchase with any credit card. It is however, faster if you have an account as all your information will already be on file with them. If you wish to create an account now,click here >> PayPal® Ii's free for buyers. It's simple and easy!

If you would like to buy an item and we haven't gotten around to installing the PayPal® system or our own where the item is, please mark the item number and send us an email via: Sales, we will get back to you right away with confirmation and you can make your payment for a swift delivery via USPO Priority Mail® or any other method you choose.

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DCE Designs regrets any inconvenience this buying process requires of you. Know that we are in process of completing a easy to use and secure method currently and it will be in place in the very near future.

Thanks you for your understanding.

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