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The power to Unify the physical, mental and spiritual parts of life, is crucial to personal happiness, success and health.

No matter what your religion or philosophical outlook on life is, there has always been visual, physical and metaphysical tools for humans to use that facilitate attainment of our longing for inner & outer peace. This bracelet was created using ancient symbols that have everything to do with working towards achieving this ideal state; this "Trinity", focused on combining the three aspects of life, the physical, mental and spiritual.

Men's, or larger "Average" size are, 6.5" with 1"opening by 2.2cm - 7/8in wide. This fits 7 " to 7.75" wrists. The smaller version is shorter; 6" same 1" opening by 2.2cm - 7/8in the same width as the larger size.

Special sizing when ordering is available request using "Sales" link below.

"Average" large size: $64.00 "Average" small size: $52.00 - An order form will be in place shortly. To order now: Sales & Orders
Wholesale Pricing:
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