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Here are bracelets made with only pearls of different shape and color. We have used Marquise, round, rectangle, petal and other shaped button pearls, as well as classic round. In almost all instances the pearls you see are Cultured Freshwater Pearls from different parts of the world. These pearls have been hand selected in most cases by Douglas himself to insure great luminousness, color and evenness of shape and all other attributes.

Some of these pieces may use mixed metals also, such as: Jeweler's Brass, gold vermeil and solid gold in 18kt and 14kt. Within these designs you may find differing textures as well. These may consist of rolling the silver with sand paper, parchment or prepared metal surfaces. Youzz

Many of these pieces use our unique two size adjustable clasp. These will facilitate: 7in & 71/2in size swings with smooth efficiency. There may also be: box clasps with pin & wire locks too.

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