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This section features "color coordinated" dyed quartz crystal of different shape. Shapes are used as one type in some designs, and in others they are mixed. After working with fashion industry forecasters on what might be "popular" colors for clothing for the upcoming Spring & Summer season, colors were chosen and designs were created.

NEW! These designs also incorporate"reversible" or flip over claps and bezels! One side of the stone uses a smooth shape bezel, the other a "abstract" spider-web like bezel of super bright Sterling Silver. Reversing the bezel is accomplished by pulling the pins on either end of the stone links, flipping over both clasp ends and setting the pins back in their pin holes. A unique system if ever there was one. With this system you can have two totally different looks! Not to mention that the clasp itself is a two size clasp: 7in & 71/2in. Basically 4 different bracelets for the price of one!

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