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Welcome to the index page of our bracelet design production. As I have mentioned on the home page most of these items are sold, however most of them can be ordered if the stone or pearls are available in my stock. Sports and Martial Arts related items are either in stock, or ready to order for you. Use the links to take you to different categories. While we try to keep displayed inventory up-to-date, we are always installing more finished work and new ideas, so don't forget to come back and see what's new!

Here are some descriptions of what you can find here.

  • Assorted Stone & Pearl:- Here is just a large selection of pieces that use many different stones such as: Turquoise, Petersite, Carnelian, Fancy Color Sapphire, to name a few, either alone or intermixed with different shaped pearls and other stones. Douglas had a lot of fun designing these using a process of simply throwing out supplies of stones and pearls onto his work bench, to "see" how they would come together. Many have matching pendants and ear-wear to compliment them.
  • Stone Slab Bracelets:- Beautiful slabs of precious and semi-precious stone.
  • Pearl Bracelets - Many interesting and beautiful shapes create stunning, "always popular" pearl bracelets. All are set with Sterling Silver, most, unless noted, are cultivated freshwater and of natural color. If you like pearls, this selection is a good place to start to browse!
  • Power of One© -These are new works and have come from, "circumstances" in life. It has come from popular demand and from a feeling of wanting to create something that translates interconnecting symbols with everyday life. Stunning and powerful ornament for those of you who want more than just, ornament.
  • NFL Football: Team cuff bracelets and "dog tag" style pendants for some teams. Team development on special order can be requested.
  • MLB Baseball: Team cuff bracelets and "dog tag" style pendants for some teams. Team development on special order can be requested.
  • Martial Arts Systems: Cuff bracelets for a few systems of Martial Arts, I can entertain requests for specific systems

Some of these pieces may use mixed metals also, such as: Jeweler's Brass, 18kt gold vermeil, 22kt gold plating, and solid gold in 18kt and 14kt. Within these designs you may find differing textures as well. These can consist of rolling the silver with sand paper, parchment or prepared metal surfaces, there are also hand hammered textures.

NEW! These designs may also incorporate"dual size" clasps. From experience with clients at "Shows" it was easy to find so many people with different size wrists that can't wear the "standard" size for bracelets with is 7in. From this ordinary complaint, this design came from. Earlier clasps look a little like a watch band in that they are solid. Newer work has opening to lighten the look, both work to great advantage to eliminate the "one size fits all", which doesn't problem, that comes from making every piece the same size.

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