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Douglas C Eaton is founder, owner and principle designer of DCE Jewelry Design Studios in Aptos , California and Bali , Indonesia . He has been involved in the fashion industry since the mid-1970’s, working in both jewelry fabrication and handmade textiles.

At the beginning of his design career, he constructed many objects in metals and provided design consultation to others in jewelry fabrication. He also developed casual clothing lines inspired and created from the fabrics he collected on his biannual trips around the world. It was during these trips collecting handmade textiles in remote corners of the world that color, connections within designs, articulated motif arrangements and more were honed, that come into play with jewelry design. These trips, personally selecting the finest examples of handmade textile craft supported his retail store and wholesale trade in textiles.

During a 5 year hiatus from the apparel/textile trades, he further honed his design and management skills in the technology industry.

For the past six years, Douglas has been again working in textiles and metal fabrication with an intense commitment to design sensibility. He has been producing more interesting art quality jewelry while committing to consumer price points that fit into commercial distribution models. High production values are leveraged with quality materials frequently seen in more expensive lines. This renders his jewelry to instant popularity and wide appeal.

Today at DCE Studios, each piece is designed by Douglas , hand-fashioned and tested for quality. He uses only top quality metals, such as sterling silver made with high quality Italian anti tarnish alloys (.925), Merlin’s gold (jewelry quality brass), 22kt gold plating at high microns, 14kt/18kt solid gold for highlights, decorative elements and solid gold higher-end works. Presently he is working a great deal with mixed metals (i.e., rolled and fused gold or brass with silver combined with various silver textures and finishes) producing different light play and feel within one piece. Favorite stones include fresh water pearls, Titanium/gold treated Druzy, lavender chalcedony, Peruvian chrysocolla, turquoise and fancy colored sapphires, to name just a few. The line includes bracelets, pendants, earrings, and chains (that are hand crocheted, braided and linked) all designed to mix and match without that “exact match look”. Many pieces lend themselves to mixing with gold/silver ensemble combinations by the wearer.

Along with the efforts above he has been designing NFL, MLB,and NHL commemorative cuff bracelets and "dog tag" style pendants for customers favorite teams, along with some Martial Arts systems cuff bracelet. There is no telling what will be next!

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